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This website and all my services are dedicated to Conscious Baby Boomer Women in their 50/60+ years of living their lives still joyfully full-out!

I am absolutely age-positive, celebrating the age we have reached. I see the term ‘ageless’ as a joyful ‘can-do’ attitude, a positive mental disposition, someone who is still playful, fun, curious about life and all the amazing wonders this beautiful planet has to offer.

If this speaks to you, then let’s link arms to increase the loving light vibrations as far as we can reach to other sisters on this planet.

Geli Heimann
BSc (Hons), MSc Psych

Hi! I am Geli, and currently approaching the latter part of my 60’s.

In our youth obsessed society, it took me a long time to say a full heart and full body ‘YES’ to my age, and also allowing my hair to go silver (liberated from the dye bottle, YAY!).

It also took me a long time to step off the treadmill, or hamster wheel, of the fast paced success game so many of us have been entrapped in, priding ourselves in over achieving and being queens of multitasking.

Yet, underneath it all, there is this feeling that there was never enough to go around. So, what do we do? Well, we work even harder, trying to get everything under control … and somehow getting more and more disconnected from ourselves as women. At that point we let our ‘unconscious’ life survival mechanism drive and rule, simply because we’re already overloaded and overwhelmed to squeeze in some quiet time to become really conscious of who we actually are in our deepest essence.

Like a lot of professional women who got good at winning this success game, many of us got exhausted in the pursuit of more, better, faster with too many balls in the air … winding up feeling miserable, dropping some balls, and like me, hit burnout.


What is the answer? Stepping back and switch gears (I wound up in hospital with enforced rest with nothing else to do other than think and reflect!) … and really know who YOU are and your gifting! Too many people copy the Leadership Style of the big names, whilst missing their own true essence.

Walking to the rhythm of one’s own essence drums takes courage! The evolution from “I’m not good enough” to radically celebrating the very divine inner authentic essence, that previously was not deemed acceptable, is huge! Listening to one’s own inner voice and truth and walking in one’s own speed, clashes with the expectations of others and the previous expectations of oneself to emulate other people’s success.

We’ve been so distracted trying to make it ‘out there’, that we missed the gold that we are sitting on, right here in our own feminine bodies, heart and soul … and everything flourishes from there! It allows us access to a more grounded and resourced place to move from, no matter what chaos we might be facing.


It is crucial that we allow deep relaxation in our body and nervous system, to return to the natural flow of our sensual aliveness, and trusting pleasure again.

There is a frequency, a beauty that radiates from a woman who is routed that way, and it is irresistibly attractive … and it has nothing to do with her age, relationship status, or the size of her jeans.

You are a mother, lover, and a leader with access to an inner wellspring of authentic feminine power … It’s time to find your way home to that!


We cannot do this on our own

The time of being a solo-fighter, a solo-preneur, a solo-survivor is giving way to lots of smaller sisterhood circles of a globally expanding community of conscious boomer goddesses!


Beloved Sister, I recently did a survey on Facebook. Out of 360 women at the age of 60/60+, 300 participants said that they feel lonely with no friends! That is huge! Maybe you feel that way, too … hopefully you don’t!
However, we CAN do something about those sad statistics. We can reach out to each other and create circles of friends as part of a wider global community.

In another survey I did, I discovered that 75% were not ready to face retirement as they were worried that whatever little finances they had would not give them security and feeling safe that had enough to live on. Things have changed in our global economy and we women were hit worse. For one, there still is the pay gap between men and women. Also, there was the economic crash in 2008/9 plus we women tended to have earning gaps due to raising children, etc. and divorces, and other life happenings.

I also hear over and over how worried women in this age group are regarding health decline especially in advancing years.

The good news is, it is not all doom and gloom! Together we can create our own financial economy whilst at the same time nurturing meaningful friendship relationships and uplevelling our long-term health and wellness!

This website and the connected Facebook groups aim to inspire and encourage you with creating pathways of possibilities. Together we can do it!

Love and bright blessings,




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“Book Club” – Movie – Hilariously Funny and Thought Provoking?


Is one of your Guilty Pleasures a feel-good romantic comedy
at the end of a loong day?

please say, “yes”


So, last night I finally watched the movie “Book Club”.

I had seen the trailer (here on the right →), plus, as I had posted the trailer in my Facebook Group, I felt an obligation to pick up my dragging feet and actually watch the film.

One of the main reasons I had some reservations was the mention of the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy … maybe a topic for another time … (I was actually pleasantly surprised!)
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A Magical Surrender Nurturing Yourself … Come ♥


Allow me to invite you to a little leisurely walk around in my neighbourhood.

Let’s take this conversation out into the gently warming sunshine filtering through the branches overhanging the small river dancing in the water ripples …

Let’s just sit down playing with our feet in the river gravel, breathe, dream, soak in the late summer stillness and chat.

My Sister, I admire your resilience, I admire what you have achieved, even though you might not think so!
You survived against all odds, being the queen of multitasking, you were and are the one who held it all together … in relationships, possible motherhood, daughter of elderly parents, career, the list goes on.

So, you may have dropped a few balls in the juggling pursuit, and of course either blamed yourself or were blamed for that …
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Infuse Your Ageless Energy & Deep Inner Radiance with NingXia Red®


Namaste, Goddess!

“The divine in me honours the divine in you”. Graced by your presence here in this web space, Goddess, I honour you.


Now, you may not feel like a Goddess right now, and you might even think that this greeting is a bit over the top, woowoo, or that I might have just come from a yoga class or returned from an Ashram. None of that is the case!

…. and what on earth does this have anything to do with a functional nutrition drink?


Allow me to explain, please.
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How to Get Out of a Funk by Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Beloved Senior Goddess Sister, do you sometimes feel like you just do not want to let your radiance shine?
… when it feels more like heavy dark clouds surround you and every step of the way is an effort?

… you just don’t feel like yourself,

and being around other people is … well … just too much?

My dear Sister, you are not alone in this! Having a funk-low day, or depression (there is a difference), is quite ‘secretive’. It can seep in at any point and slowly robs us of our ability to do things we once enjoyed, adding stress to an already stressful life.

It is useful to get yourself checked out by a qualified medical practitioner for fatigue, sleep apnea, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.

Interestingly, women are twice as much affected by this than men. Life after 60 is a time of transition in many ways.

According to the Gallup Poll, about 1 in 7 women are currently being treated for depression. Even more interesting are the findings that “treatment-resistant depression” is on the rise. (treatment-resistant depression is defined as depression that does not respond to two different medications when taken one after the other at the right dose and for the right amount of time).

Again, please always check with your qualified medical practitioner.

Having said that, I am always happy to recommend complimentary support, and there are so many methods for that.

We’ll have a look at two interrelated areas: the pineal gland, which is located in the geometric center of the brain and increasing the vibrational frequency within you and in your energy field.
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Clarity is Your Light on Your Path Forward!


Are you fighting yourself …,
trying to force yourself to do something you don’t care much about,
or don’t enjoy doing?


Do you see and understand things clearly? … or
Do you live in this limbo fog and frustration
not knowing what to do next?


How clear is your insight and inner guidance? Are you able to glean the deeper meaning of the events and circumstances of your life? Or do you get stuck seeing only the surface of an issue?

Have you ever struggled to know what you should do next in life, felt confused, or had trouble envisioning your future?
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How To Get The Most From Lemon Essential Oil

IW - Lemon Collage_a_320

Do you want to cleanse,
support metabolism,
nourish your skin
and learn some incredible essential oil DIY recipes?


Did you know that just breathing in the scent of lemon essential oils improves neurological activity that promotes the breakdown of body fat? …. or can be used as teeth whitener, laundry freshener, cellulite cream, face wash and household cleaner, and the list goes on!

Find out more:
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Bone Broth – Simple and Healthy


So, what’s cooking at Geli’s?
Making delicious bone broth again!!

 For those of you who don’t know, bone broth is anti inflammatory, and has a huge amount of other health benefits. Bone Broth is an amazing addition to your diet. Full of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, collagen and trace minerals -as well as the stuff that builds glucosamine and chondroitin. And this is only the beginning.

Some people like to put all sorts of veggies into to cooking process. I like mine simple, just tend to put into it an excess of herbs with fresh and essential oils.

Work of caution here: I can ONLY recommend the Young Living brand for organic purity to be used for ingesting, also, only use the tiniest bit (tooth pick dipped in the oil, not even a drop) as it is so highly concentrated!!

Oh and I enjoy the free range organic meat. It comes fresh, but I tend to freeze whatever I don’t eat straight away.

Another tip, if you use stock cubes, only use organic ones.



The Sacred Path


Deep Desire is Calling You …
will you answer?


You know it well, although it feels like it’s not clear at times. It’s likely that of most of your life you were given to understand by those important to you that Your desire really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things …

Yet it does …

Awaken from that slumber of conditioning, allow your deepest desire to emerge from your shadows, and learn to walk on the Sacred Path of Your Enlightenment … The world needs you … Come … You are Loved …



The Loving Others Trap – When Giving Comes From Lack and Scarcity

free - woman rain drps Why is it that we can get so pre-occupied running around being nice, blessing everyone possible with our loveliness?

Well, for starters it feels so good, we feel so validated; we’ve done something nice to our ‘neighbours’. Giving, particularly for women, releases the feel-good hormone Oxytocin.

However, the danger is that, being so busy doing good, spreading the love, we do not really have time to stop and deal with our own issues. The temporary Oxytocin flush of ‘loving our neighbour’ can potentially backfire and deplete us even more.

There is another aspect: being so self sacrificial, denying ourselves, it’s easy to slip a little bit into a self-righteous mode of a ‘role-model’ to others who’re not quite pulling their weight as we feel they should.

It’s so convenient to hide behind all these loving activities.
Whilst love is a mandate, let’s put it in perspective, “love your neighbour as yourself.”
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